Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit

Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit

You now have F&M integrated in the palm of your hand. Mobile Banking from F&M allows users to access their account information 24/7 from most mobile phones.

Deposit checks with F&M Mobile Deposit
Making a deposit with our mobile banking app is quick, convenient, and secure.
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  • View Balances, Transactions and Multiple Accounts
  • Transfer funds
  • Office ATM/Locator

Mobile Banking FAQs

  • What are the requirements to use Mobile Banking?
  • You need to be enrolled in F&M Online Banking.

  • Is there a wait period after enrolling?
  • No. Once you’ve enrolled and activated the service, Mobile Banking is ready to use.

  • What do I use for my Mobile Banking password?
  • The password used for Mobile Banking is the same as the password you use to log on to F&M Online Banking. If you change your F&M Online Banking password, your Mobile Banking password will also change.

  • What types of accounts can I access with Mobile Banking?
  • Mobile Banking will provide access to the same accounts that are viewable through F&M Online Banking including checking, savings, CD’s and loans.

  • Is Mobile Banking Secure?
  • Absolutely.

  • How do I install the Smart Phone App?
  • When you sign up for Mobile Banking, a link is provided to download the Smartphone’s App.

  • Recommended Best Practices to keep your Mobile Devices Secure:
    • Use the lock function on the device with a Password of Personal Identification Number (PIN).  While most mobile devices now contain Password/PIN lock options, they are not always on by default.  Also, if your device has an auto-lock timer (to place it into locked mode after a period of time) use it. Activating this security measure can help you avoid problems, in case of loss or theft of your mobile device.  Frequently, change the lock password or PIN.
    • Using and protecting your user name(s) and password(s) and deactivating a compromised mobile phone number or device, in order to protect the confidentiality of this information.
    • Update the mobile banking app, from time to time, with the most recent mobile banking app.  As we update security features and add new features, you’ll want to be sure you have the most current version.
    • Limit loss by always keeping your device physically secured or in a secured location.  If your device is lost or stolen, please review your account activity and contact us immediately regarding any suspicious transactions.
    • Take appropriate precautions when using public Wireless Local Areas Networks for use of the Services.
    • Exercise due to diligence with unexpected messages or notifications.  Do not click on suspicious links sent via unsolicited text message, email, or suspicious push notifications.

    Not All Mobile Devices Are Supported.

Mobile Deposit FAQs

  • What is Mobile Deposit?
  • Mobile Deposit Capture allows customers a way to electronically deposit checks quickly and easily from a smartphone (iPhone® or Android™) into a deposit account.

  • What types of checks can be processed through Mobile Deposit?
  • F&M Mobile Deposit can accept most checks in their original form, payable directly to you. Only checks drawn on institutions located in the U.S. can be processed. Examples of types of checks that cannot be accepted via Mobile Deposit include checks made payable to any person or entity other than you, Money Orders and Traveler Checks. Please refer to F&M Mobile Deposit Capture Terms and Conditions for complete details.

  • How do I endorse my check for Mobile Deposit?
  • You agree to restrictively endorse any checks transmitted through Mobile Deposit with the following (or as otherwise instructed by F&M):

    Signed Endorsement – Names of all payees as written on the front of the check

    “For Deposit Only” – should be included as part of the endorsement(s)

  • What is the cut-off time for processing the checks?
  • The daily cut-off time for electronic deposit is 4:00 PM ET on any business day. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding state or federal holidays. This daily cut-off time is subject to change by F&M without notice to you.

    Deposits sent using Mobile Deposit may be “submitted” any time of day, night, weekend, or holiday. However, deposits received by F&M after the daily cut-off time for electronic deposits will be deposited the next business day, provided that the deposit meets all requirements for acceptance and successful processing. Deposits submitted on holidays or weekends will also be deposited the next business day, provided the deposit meets all requirements for acceptance and successful processing.

  • Are there restrictions on the dollar amount of deposits I can submit?
  • Yes. F&M may establish limits on the number of checks and/or the total amount of checks deposited using Mobile Deposit. These limits may vary by customer and change from time to time without notice. You may not deposit more than $5,000 per check and not more than $5,000 per day. Items transmitted that exceed your limits may result in a rejection of the deposit.

  • When will I have access to my funds?
  • Generally, if an image of an item you transmit through Mobile Deposit is received and accepted before F&M’s cut-off time for Mobile Deposit, F&M considers that business day to be the day of your deposit. Funds from deposits received, accepted, and successfully processed through the Mobile Deposit generally will be available for withdrawal the first business day after the day of your deposit. Successful processing of a check or item could be delayed due to bank review and verification procedures. F&M may apply additional delays on the availability of funds based on any other factors as determined by F&M in its sole discretion.

  • What do I do with my check after I have submitted an electronic deposit?
  • Once you have successfully deposited the check, mark the front of the check with the date of deposit and store the check in a secure location for 14 days. This prevents the check from being presented for deposit another time. You agree never to re-present to F&M or any other party a check or item that has been deposited through the Mobile Deposit. After 14 days, and after you have confirmed the deposited funds have been applied to your account correctly, you must destroy the check by shredding or other means.

  • Why was my mobile deposit not accepted or check deposit amount changed?
  • All electronic deposits are subject to our verification procedures and we may refuse, limit or return deposits for any reason. If there is a change to your deposit status, F&M will contact you to let you know.

  • How do I know my image quality is acceptable?
  • The software has an Image Quality Assessment (IQA) tool that automatically identifies problems with the check image. If a problem is detected, you’ll be asked to retake the photo.

  • Helpful tips on using Mobile Deposit:
    • Flatten folded or crumbled checks before taking your photos
    • Keep check within view finder on the camera screen. Only check visible, no other objects or edges
    • Good Lighting
    • Dark Background
    • All four corners of the check are visible
    • Focus is important. Being too close can make the image blurry.

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