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Special financing on new and pre-owned vehicles

In the market for a new vehicle? When it comes to auto loans, F&M is your best bet. Finance your new or pre-owned ride with our no-hassle loan, and arrive at the dealership fully pre-qualified and ready to bargain. We have the competitive rates and flexible terms to help you drive away happy!

  • Competitive low, fixed rates

    Rates available on new or used vehicles.

  • Flexible terms

    A wide range of terms customized to your unique situation.

  • Pre-qualification available

    Pre-qualification available for extra bargaining power at the dealership.

  • Use current vehicle for savings

    Refinance your current vehicle to potentially lower your rate.

  • Local decision-making and processing

    We keep it local so our bankers understand you and your business.

  • Top-notch customer service

    Get attentive, friendly service from start to finish.

Buy vs. Lease calculator

Vehicle Info

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Do not enter the sales price; enter the MSRP provided by the vehicle manufacturer, as this correlates to depreciation value.

Loan Details

A good standard depreciation value is 15%. Enter 20% if you expect the vehicle's value to depreciate quickly. For a vehicle that holds its value longer than average (typically high-end luxury vehicles), enter 10%.

Any upfront fees due at signing (not including down payment).

Lease Details

The residual value is the amount you could buy the vehicle for at the end of the lease, if you decided you wanted to do so. The RV is set as a percentage of the original MSRP. If you have been shopping, use the RV given by the dealer. If you are only starting your search, you can use these placeholder estimates. However, the actual RV will affect your monthly payment.

36-month lease - 55%
36-month lease, luxury car - 65%
48-month lease - 50%
48-month lease, luxury car - 60%

Net cost of buying $0
Net cost of leasing $0

Our calculators are for informational purposes only and are not intended to provide financial advice. All examples are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes. Although we have obtained content from sources deemed to be reliable, Farmers & Merchants State Bank and its affiliates are not responsible for any content provided by unaffiliated third parties. You may wish to consult an appropriate outside advisor about your financial situation.

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