Our forward-looking logo, was developed to bring us all together.
Just like our community comes together.

We still represent farmers and merchants but now we’re celebrating everyone— whole generations of customers, and every business owner big and small. Because helping you live your best life is not only what we strive for, it’s what we have always stood for, and always will.

"As we introduce a new look, our mission remains as it always has, to nurture lasting relationships with our customers, our employees, our communities and our shareholders."

~ Amy Cover, Chief Marketing Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited about our rebrand and understand there may be some questions about what to expect or how this may impact you. This is a lengthy process and not everything will be changed over to the new brand and logo immediately. Be assured we will be in communication every step of the way.

  • Why is F&M changing its logo?
  • For over 125 years, F&M has been a staple in our local communities helping individuals, farmers and small businesses thrive.

    As needs have evolved, so have our products, services, and technologies, but our branding has stayed relatively the same. In keeping with our forward-thinking mindset, we are introducing a modern, new look that honors our legacy. Our new icon takes on similar overall shapes and visual cues from the original. It is clean, eye-catching, and colorful. It is mostly square in shape with two curved corners and two sharp corners. Similar to our original, just in opposite corners and more exaggerated rounding to give an organic feeling, connecting to the agriculture part of F&M.

    The three blue lines can be subtly seen as the letter F for Farmers and the three teal lines can be seen as the three lines in an M from the bottom coming together in harmony and as a team to create a forward upward angled motion toward future thinking and innovation. Between the abstract F&M, the agricultural nod, or the way that it could even be seen as a city landscape… Our new icon captures who we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to go all while preserving what we cherish most: the deep and meaningful customer relationships our bank was built on.

  • What is changing?
  • We’re reimagining the way we tell our story with a refreshed brand identity. Our new brand identity includes a new, modern logo and a shorter brand name: F&M Bank. These changes will be rolling out over the coming months.

  • Where will I see the new F&M brand?
  • Beginning May 15th, you’ll start to see our new logo and branding on our website, digital channels like online and mobile banking, and on all of our advertising. Throughout the summer and fall we will begin to change the signage at all of our banking locations.

  • What will NOT change?
  • Us! Although we are refreshing our brand look and feel, we are committed to keeping our customer relationships at the forefront of everything we do.

    While we’re excited to rollout our new brand identity, the legal name of the bank will remain “The Farmers & Merchants State Bank.” Our holding company remains as “Farmers & Merchants Bancorp, Inc” and we are still publicly traded under the symbol FMAO.

  • Will the new brand affect my F&M accounts, products or services?
  • The new brand will not interrupt your banking relationship with us in any way. Your debit/credit card numbers, accounts numbers and routing number will all stay the same. We remain committed to delivering best in class products and services to meet all of your financial needs.

  • Will I receive a new F&M debit card or checks with the refreshed logo?
  • You will receive an updated debit card or checks upon your next renewal or replacement. Your current F&M debit card and checks with our old logo will continue to work as usual.

  • Who can I contact if I have more questions?
  • We’re happy to answer any more questions you may have! Stop by any F&M branch, call us at 800.451.7843 or email f&m@fm.bank. We look forward to this new beginning with you!

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